Quito: BirdLife International. CEC (1999) North American Important Bird Areas. A directory of 150 key conservation sites. The log doesn’t say what it was that up to eight teens bought at the Hannaford’s on Lowell Street, it just says a concerned manager contacted police. Officers then took it away from the kids and destroyed it, whatever it was. Log entry.

I have to say that it was not unforeseeable that he was capable of doing that exact thing. He was already known to act just that way. I would like to blame his freedom to terrorize the City on some particular Judge but it goes way beyond that. Do they want an Action Man an action man camouflage print? A pretty pink Barbie den? A space station style outpost? All are easily accomplished ideas once you put a little bit of imagination and effort into it. Let s tackle the Action Man idea since this is the example I will be illustrating with photos. When your playhouse arrives it will probably be in pieces, this is actually a good thing since it gives you time to decide on things.

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